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About Greenfaith

Founder: Rev. Brandon Baker

Greenfaith’s focus is on unearthing the Creator’s Spirit, N R mind, body, heart, soul & heritage N all R relations; 2 honor, respect & continue the traditions/ceremonies of R ancestors; 2 protect, honor & hold sacred Mother Earth and Father Sky by utilizing all their gifts of natural/organic foods, fuels, fibers, medicines etc. 2 unite & heal Earth & All Humanity as 1. Peace praise & blessings of health, happiness & the highest vibration to all thru burnt offerings of all the kine sacramental greenfaith!

More about Greenfaith

Members of Greenfaith hold one and only one sacrament as sacred that is cannabis. No other plants or synthetic derivatives Shall be used in place of our holy sacrament cannabis.

We have only one ceremony. That is the pipe ceremony. Without cannabis our prayer pipe ceremony cannot take place.

Cannabis is the Base of our religion, without Cannabis we have no religion.
All sacrament cultivated by the church or by its members shall be grown in a way that is friendly to Mother earth and the environment.

No members shall be turned away for lack of sacrament. It is required that all members of the church to Aid in the production of sacrament, whether it be through physical volunteering or financial contributions.
The church shall provide sacrament for its members. The church should have substantial sacrament enough to provide for pipe ceremony, healing, prayers and other other spiritual activities. It is also necessary for the Church to store/stockpile At Least a six month supply of sacrament. This will insure there is no burden on our members in case of a natural disaster, disease or drought. *During times of hardship or drought it may be necessary for the church to reach out to members for sacrament.

All cannabis plants are sacred and should be given respect. If they are harvested they will be prayed over before they are harvested. Green Faith sacrament shall be grown on holy church ground. The farmers, or cultivators will wake up every morning and partake in pipe ceremony, to bless them the land and the Sacred Plant.
Members of Greenfaith will cultivate and Back up genetically multiple strains, as for each strain has different therapeutic and healing values. Members can call on the strains just as they call on the four directions or as they call on their ancestors and their Higher Power aka God, Great Spirit etc.

Distribution of strains through cuttings/seeds are also essential, to spread the best genetics for healing, and communications with the religious realm. Personal gardens of members shall be treated with the same respect as church gardens. All plants, their extracts, their parts, cuttings and flower should be considered sacred.
Our members will help anyone over the age of 21 seeking healing for medical conditions, emotional distress as well as addiction to opiates. Through the use of our holy anointing/healing cannabis oil.

Members consume the anointing oil in order to heal/cure pains spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical… #greenfaith

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Reverend Brandon Baker

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