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Happy Tuesday Everyone 🙂 Happiness and empathy and love!

Name: Annie
2019-08-06 20:47

Happy 420 Peace to Everyone 🙂 Do something good today and be a good person.

Name: Rev 420
2019-07-30 20:23

Happy Sunday to everyone 🙂 Sending Sunshine and Happiness out 🙂

Name: Pastor Sister Smith
2019-07-28 21:36

Our church coffee shop/gathering place could look like this. Happy Thursday to Everyone 🙂 Please share what you and be good to people when you can.

Name: Pastor Sister Smith
2019-07-24 20:30

MADISON (WKOW) — A judge will allow a Stoughton man to be at his Rastafarian church, even though prosecutors claim it’s a drug business. Jesse Schworck, 39, is charged with five felony counts of selling or possessing marijuana. Police say he and another man, Dylan Bangert, were selling marijuana out of the church. Schworck tells 27 News they gave it away as part of their religion. In court Monday, Schworck’s attorney asked the court to enter not guilty pleas to the charges on his behalf. Afterward, the judge took up a motion by Schworck’s attorney to modify his bond and allow him to be at the church on West Mifflin Street. Attorney Anthony Delyea argued Schworck and others want to continue their work to help the homeless. The prosecutor objected, but the judge ruled Schworck could be at the church as long as he participates in no illegal activity. During the court hearing, the judge told Schworck he would have to sign a new bond form. Court records show he signed it “non-asumpstt (sic).” Non-assumpsit is a Latin term in which a defendant claims he did not promise any obligation set forth in the plaintiff’s complaint. Because Schworck didn’t sign his name to the bond form, the judge ordered another bail/bond hearing for Tuesday, July 16.

Name: News4you420
2019-07-15 23:28

Happy 4th of July to Everyone 🙂 Bee safe and Have Fun. Remember our Veterans show the you care.

Name: Sister smith
2019-07-04 17:19

Happy 420 Blessing to Everyone 🙂

Name: Anonymous
2019-07-02 20:21

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Name: Bryan Ev
2019-07-02 05:23

Hi Markie, Saw your post about cherry hemp. How are things going at the church? Will try to make it up soon. Pastor Mawitters

2019-07-01 00:08

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Name: Bryan Ev
2019-06-30 02:06
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