Our Beliefs & Missions

We believe in Good. We believe in the power of community. We believe that when positive and loving people form a community that is strengthened by a common passion, wonderful things can happen. We believe that the cannabis plant is a spiritual healing plant as well as a wonderful and sustainable source for food, fuel and so many other things.

We are a family-first church. Our services are about being with family and are not just dedicated church time. The church is for weddings, events, and other stuff, not for every Sunday. We believe family time on your days off is very important. We also encourage members to teach their children how to grow fresh food and cannabis and have respect for all others.

We hold these principles near and dear to our organization:

Basic Human Goodness
Personal Freedom
Creating Unity and Community
The Power of Positive Thinking
Sustainable Living
Kind Treatment of Animals
All Natural Organic Farming Practices

Our Codes of Behavior:

1. Our Churches will not have crosses or representation of any other church.
2. We want to Partner and work along with other Religions and Churches.
3. We do not push for force our Beliefs on any member or other church.
4. We Believe in Good, Peace, Love, Happiness, and Karma.
5. We believe in helping our old and young people and will strive to get that done.
6. We are the Future and We need to have and help make changes for the better and for a better world.
7. We do not discriminate against anyone or any nonviolent religions or Persons.
8. We conduct marriage ceremonies for all people including heterosexual and homosexual couples.
9. We believe in All Natural Organic Home Grown or Locally Grown Foods and Products.
10.We believe in our sacrament as our Holy Right, it Helps and aids in a better feeling of body and Awareness of Good, it helps with Creativity, We Believe our Churches are with in us so Full Plant Sacrament is a Necessary Part of Our Healing and Religious Beliefs.
11. Our members ”Do NOT” have to use Cannabis, they Just Need to Believe in it’s Healing and Spiritual Benefits and Believe in Our Mission of Good.
12. Nonviolent Members and or Religions Means, No Sex offender, we will not Tolerate ANY Violence from ANY Member of Our Church.
13. We are currently selling hemp and hemp related products.
14. Shop local support local pay it forward and help people when you can during theses hard time we are dealing with.
15. Our Church will be following Best Practice as a Church or Group of Churches and set up a Best Practice Code for Our Churches to Follow. Lic, Background checks, and other.
16. We encourage members to support local people wherever they are, but we also support many initiatives and events.

Our Mission Work:

1. We want to have tiny villages in every state for our Vets, older people and homeless. Our tiny villages will be self sustained, and Farm & Family Friendly!
2. Our Churches will include greenhouses, gardens, Learning Center and more as we go.
3. Part of Our Mission is to bring growing awareness to our children from the beginning of life about our food and earth, that include our schools. We need to teach our children the Value of Growing Better Foods and Families.
4. Our Church will have many parts that will work together to create a better future.
5. We want to have a Solar Farm in Florida, we want to grow hemp to help support our Beliefs and Community.
6. We believe in Hemp Housing, Help Products and FUEL, Supporting Local Farms, and Businesses.
7. We support a special mission in Kenya called the J-10 Village, which provides housing, food security, and farming skills to widows and orphans.

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