Our Church Elders

Pastor Sister Smith

Pastor Sister Smith, Founder of The First Cannabis Church of Florida Worldwide, has had a passion for the freedom of our holy Cannabis plant for much of her life. Through her life experiences, which include moments of great joy and hardship, entrepreneurialism, and self-care, she was led to the idea of starting a Cannabis Church to unite people with a common passion for the power of good and the holy healing powers of cannabis.

Pastor Sister Smith is a Nonreligious Ordained Minister, dated April 20, 2015. She personally funded the start up and early operations of the church while employed as a health care worker. She has also done everything from face painting and henna art, to selling stinging nettles on eBay, to scrapping metal, to starting a recycling company (ACME Tire Recycling and Collection Company), to selling farm eggs in order to help fund the church.

Pastor Sister Smith holds very dear all of the tenets of this Church and appreciates the opportunity to further explore the potential of positivity with the Church Community. She believes in good and the good things: good food, good friends, good people and good things happening. She believes that cannabis helps us unite with others for good causes and fun times; it helps our minds relax. She also believes in treating our bodies (i.e. our Church) with the best care we can give it, including avoiding GMO food or products, unsafe vaccinations, bad drugs or chemicals treatments (in pill form or any kind), or tracking devices implanted on our bodies. She believes in good and bad Karma helping to make our world a better, safer place for everyone to live in now and in the future.

Pastor Sister Smith has is an avid face painter and frequently volunteers her time to raise money for the Church. Peace, Love, and Good People = Happiness.

Reverend Bother Beaux Patrick, Church VP

Reverend Bother Beaux Patrick is an avid singer-songwriter, artist, and much more. He lives a semi-retired lifestyle on the Florida beach and works on this own proojects. Beux’s professional background was in the restaurant industry… from serving at 4-star restaurants to restaurant management training. He was responsible for opening 3 new restaurants throughout his career, one of which was his own oyster bar in Panama City Beach, Florida. They specialized in oysters on the 1/2shell and champagne by the glass with live music. Beaux prides himself on being one of the best oyster shuckers around… safe, clean and fast.

He also had a second career in graphic designs. He still continues as a photographer and donates a lot of time to event photography for non-profits. Beaux is an artist and his work has been selected and presented for awards. Visit www.beauxpatrick.com to see a selection of his work.

Cat Jeter

Grandma Cat Jeter and Lucy the Cannadawg have long been acolytes and activists for, and practitioners of the cannabis plant for over 45 years. As is often true, Grandma Cat describes her history with the plant as a transformation or spiritual awakening across her lived experiences culminating her her 2016 retirement to educate full time.

Along the way and as Washington state passed early prohibition repealing state laws, Grandma and Lucy became early Washington state medical providers, cannabis- entrepreneurs, and educating celebrities with an emphasis on children’s and veteran issues. She is the founder of Deep Green, an award-winning full plant extracts manufacturer in Washington State. She has participated in almost every aspect of the cannabis industry, and advocacy, and because of that, she has an understanding of the of cannabis history that few can be able to offer. Deep Green was established in 2010 by Jeter to help children in need of pure, potent, and always tested Full Plant Extract of Cannabis Oil at a time when it was difficult to find.

Today, Grandma and Lucy spend their time re-educating in a largely post-prohibition nation on the pro-health and healing benefits of full extract cannabis oils and raising alarm over the failure to achieve freedom instead of tightly regulated legal tax plans that frequently ignore patient safety, access and dosing.

Jeff Brown

Jeff is the author of Marijuana and the Bible and is a member of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church since around 1975. The government of Jamaica recognizes the Rasta and their spiritual use of ganja. Jeff was our very fist website member! He has volunteered much of his time for the church and has previously donated copies of his books to help raise money at Cannafest 2018. We are so grateful for Jeff’s contributions and support of Human Goodness.

Reviews for Marijuana and the Bible:

“After reading this book I was highly educated about Jesus and weed. Mary Jane is good, mother mary is good. Weed is good.. AMEN.”

“He is a reporter with a ton of facts to prove his thesis. In addition, Brown is himself a believer and a partaker of the Holy Sacrament of Marijuana, and has been for a long time. He makes no excuses and includes his correspondence to obtain permission from the government and DEA to use his sacrament as part of his religion.” 

Ted Coreless

Ted Corless is the very definition of the American success story. From growing up in a small Missouri town to becoming the managing editor of the University of Missouri Law Review to having his first oral argument before the Kansas Supreme Court and first jury trial within one year of graduation, Ted continues to set new standards of excellence and fairness while expanding his interests. His legal career includes some of the nation’s largest law firms, including Shook Hardy & Bacon, LLP, an international law firm infamous for its vigorous representation of multinational corporations. As a fast learner and ferocious trial lawyer, Ted scored winning decisions on complex legal issues for his clients that included everyone from Big Tobacco to Big Oil to Big Insurance. After spending nearly two decades representing some of the world’s largest companies, Ted passed on partnership offers from several large law firms and formed Corless Barfield Trial Group in Tampa, Florida, in which he uses his behind the scenes knowledge of the insurance industry to sue insurance companies on behalf of Florida families and business owners. Importantly, Ted continues to spend time in the legal trenches working for marginalized people, with a special passion for veteran’s affairs and people less fortunate. For these past twenty years, Ted spoke for them all. Now, he speaks for change.

Heather Ussery

Heather Ussery, Co-Founder
Heather Ussery, the departed mother of three, our dear friend, and one of the first members of our church. Heather was a supportive, loving, Spiritual person who believed in God and loved her family. She always offered a listening ear for the heavy subjects of life and ideas about the church. She once pointed out that if there was one thing she and Markie both believed in, it Frogs. She loved all animals and insects and wanted a frog and fish pond. She was a wonderful friend to us all and I we miss her dearly. Rest in Peace, Heather.

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