Cat Jeter

Grandma Cat Jeter and Lucy the Cannadawg have long been acolytes and activists for, and practitioners of the cannabis plant for over 45 years. As is often true, Grandma Cat describes her history with the plant as a transformation or spiritual awakening across her lived experiences culminating her her 2016 retirement to educate full time.

Along the way and as Washington state passed early prohibition repealing state laws, Grandma and Lucy became early Washington state medical providers, cannabis- entrepreneurs, and educating celebrities with an emphasis on children’s and veteran issues. She is the founder of Deep Green, an award-winning full plant extracts manufacturer in Washington State. She has participated in almost every aspect of the cannabis industry, and advocacy, and because of that, she has an understanding of the of cannabis history that few can be able to offer. Deep Green was established in 2010 by Jeter to help children in need of pure, potent, and always tested Full Plant Extract of Cannabis Oil at a time when it was difficult to find.

Today, Grandma and Lucy spend their time re-educating in a largely post-prohibition nation on the pro-health and healing benefits of full extract cannabis oils and raising alarm over the failure to achieve freedom instead of tightly regulated legal tax plans that frequently ignore patient safety, access and dosing.

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